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About Us

We Are Leading Funeral Service Company In Indonesia

Akasha Lestari, through the website akashafuneral.co.id, is a company engaged in overall grief services. Currently, Akasha Lestari is under the auspices of PT Hyang Akasha Funeralindo in accordance with the registered statement in the ministry AHU-046450.AH.01.30. Year 2022. It is equipped with NIB in the field of Funeral Services with Export and Import extensions with customs access.

Since 2014, we have been offering services such as corpse repatriation, mourning, corpse cargo, hearse, funeral home, and cremation. We know how to conduct ourselves appropriately because we are professionally run and experienced.

So that, Akasha Lestari participated in paying respect truly and affectionately to the bereaved family in accordance with the notion of Tri Hita Karana.

The three causes of equilibrium or prosperity are :







Parahyangan, Pawongan, and Palemahan are all part of the notion. Specifically, Pawongan, wong, which is derived from Javanese/Kawi wang, which means “people.” Humans, as social beings, must respect, love, and guide each other with affection.

Caring for others is one application of the Pawongan concept of Tri Hita Karana. Especially when hearing that a fellow human being passed away in a calamity. It is demonstrated by genuine regard.


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